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staffed with professionals having ample experiences in site investigation, detailed engineering designs and construction supervision of Roads, Structures, and Rail way and infrastructures development projects.

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HAMDA Engineering Consult Plc. is registered and licensed as Category I Highway and Bridge Consulting Firm in the year 2004 GC.


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About Us

HAMDA Engineering Consult Plc. is established in November 2004 G.C. with the aim of providing multi-disciplinary consultancy services in a wide range of Civil Engineering Works and Infrastructure Development in both Urban and Rural areas; especially in the transport sector from pedestrian ways to motorways, Structures and railway projects. HAMDA is staffed with professionals having ample experiences in site investigation, detailed engineering designs and construction supervision of Roads, Structures, and Rail way and infrastructures development projects.

The Firm has dedicated itself to pull and organize a vast potential of human resources with a varied wealth of experience that currently enable the company to involve in various assignments that covers Road Network Studies, Project Management and Planning, Feasibility Study, ESIA, RAP, Detailed Engineering Design & Tender Document Preparation, Design Review and Construction Supervision services.


Committed To Deliver High Quality Services

HAMDA Engineering Consult Plc. is committed to provide the required consulting services to the required professional standards and submit it within the project time frame.

We Follow Best Practices

At our core, we are committed to excellence, ensuring that in every aspect of our work, we follow best practices to deliver exceptional results and foster lasting success.

Our Services

Feasibility Studies​

A meticulous feasibility study is the cornerstone of our road consultancy service, meticulously assessing the project's viability, potential challenges, and optimal strategies to pave the way for successful and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment​

As part of our comprehensive consultancy service, we conduct thorough Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, ensuring that our projects align with sustainable practices and contribute positively to the communities and ecosystems they impact.

Route Location and Detailed Topographic Survey​

we execute Route Location and Detailed Topographic Surveys, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal route planning and accurate topographical insights for successful project execution.

Detailed Engineering Designs ​

Our consultancy service is distinguished by its commitment to excellence, incorporating Detailed Engineering Designs that intricately map out every aspect of the project, ensuring robust and innovative solutions for sustainable infrastructure development.

Hydrological and Structural analysis and designs​

As part of our consultancy service, we prioritize safety and resilience by conducting thorough Hydrological and Structural analysis and designs, ensuring our projects are fortified against environmental challenges.

Soil and geotechnical investigation and Pavement Designs​

we prioritize the foundation of success by conducting meticulous Soil, Material, and Geotechnical investigations, shaping our Pavement Designs with a thorough understanding of the ground beneath, ensuring durability and longevity.

Our Latest Works

Bus Rapid Transit BRT line B2

Pilot Project

Assosa – Daleti – Baruda

Contract 2: km 36+000-105+000

Addis Ababa - Djibouti Rail Way Project

Mekele-Woldia /HararGebeya/ Rail Way Project

Azezo – Gondar

Road Upgrading Project

Our Testimonials

"Hamda provided us with top-notch expertise, helping streamline our road construction project. Their insights, coupled with efficient project management, made the entire process smooth and successful. We highly recommend their consulting services."
ethiopian toads authority logo
Ethiopian Road Authority
"Incredible service from Hamda Engineering Consult Plc! Their team's strategic advice and hands-on approach significantly contributed to the success of our road development. Their commitment to excellence and quick problem-solving sets them apart. A pleasure to work with!"
addis ababa roads authority
Addis Ababa Roads Authority
"Hamda Engineering Consult Plc's industry knowledge and practical solutions made a significant impact on project timelines and costs. We're grateful for their professionalism and would choose them again without hesitation."​
oromia roads authority
Oromia Roads Authority
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